initial lawn establishment


  • Do not leave turf STACKED UP for more than 12 hours in summer or 24 hours in winter.
  • UNLAID turf should be unstacked into small piles to allow air circulation. Turf will COMPOST & BURN if left stacked for to long.
  • DO NOT lay turf directly onto HOT soil. Water soil first to prevent roots being burnt.


  • SATURATE turf and soil immediately after turf is laid to ensure the slab is wet the whole way through. Initial watering of the turf is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Do not miss any small areas.
  • Failure to water the turf greatly increases the establishment period of the grass which requires much more watering to repair.
  • It is ESSENTIAL that the Buffalo not be allowed to dry out for the next 2 weeks after the turf is laid.

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