turf varieties


  • A Very high quality yet tough variety
  • A beautiful soft apple green leaf
  • Thrives in semi shade. Needs only 2-3 hours of direct sun a day.
  • Grows well under trees such as poincianas, figs and camphor-laurels.
  • Very Tough- crowds out kikuyu and weeds on original profile red top soil.
  • Develops deep drought tolerant root system where soil profile permits.
  • Buffalo is more resistant to lawn eating caterpillars than green couch, blue couch and kikuyu.


  • Very Good lateral growth means it repairs itself fast. Low seed head production.
  • Very good colour when growing in fertile soil.
  • Used extensively by developers and council on roadsides as it is very easily established and very drought tolerant.
  • We have supplied it to many prestigious golf course developments such as 'The Glades' at Mudgeerabah. Also specified on many football arena’s in America. Also the Sydney Olympic sites.
  • Developed by Australian Turf Breeder but used extensively in California and Florida in the United States.

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